Definitions for "Tote"
All the money bet on the Tote for an event is split between all the people who bet on the winner - a form of pool based betting system. Treble A bet in which you make three selections, and all must come in for the bet to be successful - eg three winners in three races. The proceeds from the first bet are carried forward as stake onto the next bet and so in - until a horse loses, in which case all the money is lost. Of course, all 3 may win, in which case the odds are multiplied together to calculate your winnings.
This is the Uk betting pool where you can bet 'to win', 'win and place' and 'place only'. Reversed forecast 'exacta' bet, Tricast and Placepot bets also available. Payouts made proportionally, dependant on amount of money taken on event. Similar to paris-mutuel. Dead Heat rules apply.
Abbreviation for "Totalisator". A Pool (also known as "pot" ot "TAB") based system where all bets are pooled and following the race distributed among all winners - less the Tote takeout percentage.
To carry or bear; as, to tote a child over a stream; to tote a gun on one's hip; -- a colloquial word originating in the Southern States, and used there esp. by negroes, now common throughout the U. S.
A tote is a capacious bag inspired by a shopping bag. Its sturdy, rectangular and features two strap handles. It opens on top and inside sometimes includes zip compartments..
bag used for organizing and carrying your scrapbook supplies
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A GUI panel located by default at the lower-left hand side of the Debrief window. The Tote contains the Time Stepper, beneath which are shown the primary and secondary tracks, when assigned. When stepping forward through a serial the Tote contains data calculated from the current vessel positions.
A smooth, seamless, plastic or fiberglass container with a lid for trans-porting small items (e.g., candy, HBA, and general merchandise) from the distribution center to the retail store. It is a lightweight container used to separate and protect high value items.
A plastic container, usually used to ship merchandise such as HBC items.
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see tama tote.
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government owned bookmaker
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The entire body, or all; as, the whole tote.
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an example of a box
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See "Model's Tote" cross reference.