Definitions for "Blazer"
Keywords:  jacket, lapels, collar, sleeved, sport
A light jacket, usually of wool or silk and of a bright color, for wear at tennis, cricket, or other sport.
A hip-length single or double-breasted buttoned jacket with collar and lapels. A classic blazer has golden buttons and attached pockets.
Light weight, loose fitting sports jacket, often striped or worn as part of a uniform. Usually worn below the hip. examples
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Keywords:  brasier, flame, chafing, glows, coals
Anything that blazes or glows, as with heat or flame.
The dish used when cooking directly over the flame of a chafing-dish lamp, or the coals of a brasier.
Blazer (ブレイザー) is an isometric perspective scrolling shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1987 only in Japan.
a fabulously universal article of clothing
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This term hasn't been defined yet
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a requirement for a man's wardrobe
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Blazer is a free (Blazer 3 and 4 bundled, Blazer 1 and 2 were bundled or add-on purchase) web browser available for Palm handhelds running Palm OS 3.1 or higher and have 8mb of free memory available.
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a nice addition but not required
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One who spreads reports or blazes matters abroad.