Definitions for "Baby Doll"
Short mini dress usually has a hem that terminates just below the hip. Can also however be a longer tank (tunic) which hem also terminates just below the hip. The trend right now is to wear these over any denim style bottom.
One baby doll belonging to S. Jackson was used in the doll games. Gargantuan in scale, it played adult roles, most importantly that of Matron, becoming a key element in Doll Games’ studies of the "maternal grotesque" as well as the "infant whore."
With its broad, rounded toe, the baby doll is a playful shoe that borrows its look from childhood.
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Vaginal bleeder.
an excellent tool for a child to explore being a parent
Infant: Represents a child from birth until it begins to stand upright. An indicator is the legs are bent. Toddler: Represents a child from about one year until the age of three. An indicator is straight legs and side-hip jointing.