Definitions for "Bleeder"
Horse bleeds from the lungs after exertion.
Horse horse's from the lungs after exertion.
a horse that suffers pulmonary bleeding in the small blood vessels in the lungs, usually brought on by the stress of running; often controlled by the use of the diuretic Lasix.
One in whom slight wounds give rise to profuse or uncontrollable bleeding.
A variant of Team Killing where the person wounds or damages team mates but not to the point of killing them. This prevents complaints from being filed.
someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding
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a valve or pipe through which bleeding is done.
Also called a "bleed valve," it is a device that is used to remove pressurized fluid and air from the system.
Special air courses developed and maintained as part of the mine ventilation system and designed to continuously move air-methane mixtures emitted by the gob or at the active face away from the active workings and into mine-return air courses. Alt: Exhaust ventilation lateral.
One or more resistors shunting the output of a power supply for improving voltage regulation by providing a fixed current drain.
A resistive load across the output or filter of a power supply, intended to quickly discharge stored energy once the supply is turned off.
A defect wherein a casting lacks completeness due to molten metal draining or leaking out of some part of the mold cavity after pouring has stopped.
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A boxer who is known to have a propensity for cuts during a bout.
a dungeon, archetypically, and I'd wager a majority of games end up in one or two
A tight, winning player. Blind-A mandatory or forced bet before the deal by the first player to the dealer's left.
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One who, or that which, draws blood.