Definitions for "CAVITATION"
The sudden formation and collapse of bubbles in liquids by means of mechanical forces creating low pressure.
a situation when the propeller gets air or insufficient bite in the water and loses its power. Can happen due to motor mounted too high, seas conditions and tight turns.
The vaporization of a liquid under the suction force of a pump which can create voids within the pump supply line. Cavitation will result in off-ratio foam in Sprayed Polyurethane Foam applications.
a hole in the bone (because of a pulled tooth) which has not healed correctly
an area of dead jawbone that occurs in the socket of an extracted tooth when the normal hard bony tissue takes on a black semi-liquid decomposed character
an unhealed hole in the jawbone caused by an extracted tooth
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Pop that occurs in a spinal joint when vertebral surfaces (facets) are separated to create a vacuum that pulls in nitrogen gas.
A physio-chemical process resulting in the production of microscopic explosions of gas within the brain following rapid acceleration of the brain inside the skull.
The 'pop' or 'click' heard from a chiropractic adjustment. The sound is merely a release of gas from the joints of the spine like cracking your knuckle.
Air trapped around the propellor making it inefficient or at worst completely ineffective.
a hole in the bone that cannot be detected through visual inspection and is poorly detected by radiographs
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The number of molding stations within a mold.