Definitions for "Cavity"
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A hollow place; a hollow; as, the abdominal cavity.
A region of reverse flow immediately downwind of an obstacle or mountain, typically found when the static stability of the air is near neutral ( Froude number greater than about 1.5). The reverse flow indicates a circulation or permanent eddy downwind of the obstacle where the surface wind is opposite to the prevailing wind direction upstream of the obstacle. The circulation continues partway up the mountain slope and then breaks away from the mountain and flows in the prevailing wind direction, finally descending to make a closed circulation. Such a cavity circulation causes air pollutants emitted near the downwind base of the mountain or building to be drawn back toward the obstacle and remain somewhat trapped within the circulation, leading to much larger pollutant concentration values than would be predicted by typical pollutant dispersion models.
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The space inside a mold in which a resin or molding compound is poured or injected. The female portion of a mold. That portion of the mold that encloses the molded article (often referred to as the die). Depending on the number of such depressions, molds are designated as single cavity or multiple cavity.
One of a series of shapes within the engraving on a die.
The space between a male and female mold set in which the part is formed. Sometimes used to refer to a female mold.
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An open area or sinus within a bone or formed by two or more bones.
The hollow of a finished wall or floor system; air space.
The space between leaves of a wall. May incorporate rigid insulation.
broad opening within a coccolith or nannolith (Figs. 10, 14).
broad opening within a coccolith or nannolith (Fig.s. 10, 14).
A periodic structure of thin films comprised of two quarter-wave stack reflectors separated by a dielectric spacer. Cavities are the building blocks of bandpass filters.
The cavity formed by the spacer bar between the two panes of glass in double-glazed units, is generally filled with air. The air can be replaced with argon for example, for enhanced thermal insulation or with sulphur hexafluoride for improved acoustic performance.
An opening or indentation on the surface of a diamond (see 'Pit').
An inclusion consisting of a large or deep opening in the diamond.
A type of inclusion consisting of a large deep opening in the stone.
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oral carcinoma
The metallic enclosure in the microwave system where the microwaves coming from the waveguide do the heating.
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Any place on the body that is an energy entrance or exit point.
a place where you can put a slicing
The gap between the internal and external walls of a building.
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Reflected Ray
a body of material which has a lower density than that of the surrounding material