Definitions for "Impacted"
Keywords:  molar, tooth, erupt, wedged, gum
Grown in an abnormal direction so that it is wedged against another tooth and cannot erupt normally; -- of teeth, especially the third molar; as, to extract an impacted third molar.
a tooth that has failed to erupt into the oral cavity; in orthodontics this often describes maxillary canines and third permanent molars that occupy a position from which normal eruption is highly unlikely
wedged or packed in together; "an impacted tooth"
Pertains to description of a calculus that is pressed firmly into something so as to appear stuck or immovable.
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Please refer to the SDSU Impacted Majors web page for more information.
Refers to those majors that receive more applications during the initial application filing period than there are spaces available. A major may be impacted on one campus, several campuses, or all campuses where it is offered.
Keywords:  driven, together, close
Driven together or close.
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affected by a change or problem