Definitions for "Stuck"
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To be losing money in a poker game. To be down $50 could be described as being "stuck $50."
A significant amount of money lost.
Losing money, usually enough so you'd notice.
When a player is in a in a negative position during a game and can't seem to extricate themselves
Ego state is burdened with negative experiences, such as trauma, abuse, neglect, or unmet developmental needs, that are encountered repeatedly or are overwhelming and is left with the sense of being stuck in the past.
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Stuck was Puddle of Mudd's first album. It featured the hit "Drift and Die," which was later included on the band's 2001 Come Clean. However, word of this album mostly only reached the Kansas city border.
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imp. & p. p. of Stick.
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A state of your engine which will make you pay a lot of money to an engine builder to get it fixed again. But seriously, if the engine gets too hot, e.g. by running it too lean, the piston may get stuck inside of the cylinder. You will probably have to bring the engine to the engine builder for repair. To avoid the engine getting stuck, make sure it does not get too hot. Watch the CHT and adjust the needles accordingly.
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A thrust.
inability to move forward or digress in therapy (otherwise known as analysis paralysis)
Keywords:  caught, mud, fixed
caught or fixed; "stuck in the mud"
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A foot remains too long grounded, thus breaking the rhythm of the gait.
Keywords:  baffled, problem, completely
baffled; "this problem has me completely stuck"
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A polite word used to describe wine that has decided not to ferment.