Definitions for "Sooner"
In the western United States, one who settles on government land before it is legally open to settlement in order to gain the prior claim that the law gives to the first settler when the land is opened to settlement; hence, any one who does a thing prematurely or anticipates another in acting in order to gain an unfair advantage.
Nickname given to citizens of Oklahoma; it originates from the former Indian Territory's settlement by whites in the land rushes of 1889, at which time many of the settlers rushed into the territory "sooner" than officials intended.
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anything cheap and mongrel
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more readily or willingly; "clean it well, preferably with warm water"; "I'd rather be in Philadelphia"; "I'd sooner die than give up"
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comparatives of `soon' or `early'; "Come a little sooner, if you can"; "came earlier than I expected"