Definitions for "molar"
Of or pertaining to a mass of matter; -- said of the properties or motions of masses, as distinguished from those of molecules or atoms.
Having power to grind; grinding; as, the molar teeth; also, of or pertaining to the molar teeth.
Of, or pertaining to, a molar tooth. One of the teeth behind the premolar teeth; for example, in the opossum three on each side in upper jaw and in lower jaw, making 12 in all. A molar tooth is not preceded in embryological development by a deciduous (milk) tooth.
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Being at a concentration having the designated number of moles (of solute) per liter of solvent; as, an 0.2 molar solution of sodium chloride in water is close to isotonic.
Of or pertaining to moles. An synonym for molarity; for example, a "six molar solution of hydrochloric acid" contains 6 moles of HCl per liter of solution.
designating a solution containing 1 mole of solute per 1000 grams of solvent
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adjective, Latin mola = mill.