Definitions for "Supersaturation"
The unstable state of a solution that contains more solute than its solubility allows.
the condition of containing more solute in solution than would normally be present at the existing temperature.
the state of a solution where the concentration of the dissolved substance exceeds the equilibrium concentration at that temperature.
Amount of water vapor in excess of saturation.
the condition which occurs in the atmosphere when the relative humidity is greater than 100 percent
The condition existing in a given portion of the atmosphere when the relative humidity is greater than 100%. It contains more water vapor than is needed to produce saturation with respect to a plane surface of pure water or pure ice.
Change in water quality that occurs when water passing over a spillway becomes supersaturated with air and higher nitrogen levels. Fish exposed to this gas can be injured or killed when the gas produces bubbles in their bloodstreams. This is called “gas bubble disease” and is similar to “the bends” that can occur in divers.
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The operation of supersaturating, or the state of being supersaturated.