Definitions for "dissolved"
sundered by divorce, separation, or desertion; -- of social bonds and relations.
sundered by divorce or separation or desertion; "a dissolved marriage"
changed from a solid to a liquid state by increase of temperature; melted. Opposite of unmelted.
diffused into a liquid of differing chemical composition, forming a stable solution; -- said of chemical substances.
to break down in a solution so that it no longer can be seen Testing for Water Quality
Material that will pass through a 0.45 mm membrane filter assembly prior to sample acidification.
is that material in a water sample which passes through a 0.45 mm membrane filter. This is a convenient operational definition used by Federal agencies that collect water data. Determinations of "dissolved" constituents are made on subsamples of the filtrate.
Termination of an annual session of the General Court (the day preceding the first Wednesday in January).
For a Maryland entity, it voluntarily ended its existence. For a foreign entity it voluntarily ended its registration.