Definitions for "session"
Period of trading activity from the time a market opens until it closes. also called trading session.
The actual sitting of a court, council, legislature, etc., or the actual assembly of the members of such a body, for the transaction of business.
Hence, also, the time, period, or term during which a court, council, legislature, etc., meets daily for business; or, the space of time between the first meeting and the prorogation or adjournment; thus, a session of Parliaments is opened with a speech from the throne, and closed by prorogation. The session of a judicial court is called a term.
Whenever the players get together to play the game. There is no requirement to actually finish the current adventure (or even start it), it can be picked up again later.
A series of plays at any gambling game.
(1) a group of deals played consecutively without a break;(2) a group of deals whose scores are added together;(3) one morning, afternoon or evening of play, usually of 24 to 36 deals.
All the requests made by a unique user with a chosen time limit. A session is determined by calculating the time between one request from a remotehost and the next request by the exact same remotehost. If the time is greater than the chosen limit, or if that specific remotehost has never made a request before, then a new session has begun. If the time between one request and the next is less than the limit, the request is part of the same session. The time (or timeout) limit can be any length. If the limit is 30 minutes, and a remotehost makes a request at 1:00 p.m., and the next request from that remotehost comes at 3:45 p.m., the requests would be counted as two separate sessions.
A continuous period of time during which a user's browser is viewing Web pages or a Web application within the same server or domain.
A single timeperiod when a given user is connected to SMP_Central. After an extended period of time with no activity, the session will "timeout" (ie disconnect the user) and require the user to log in again, for security reasons.
A lasting connection between a user and a server during which the state of the connection is maintained. State information in this instance includes user identity information.
A connection between a client application and a HEX API server.
a series of actions beginning when a client connects to a server, and ending with a disconnection. An SMTP session can consist of a series of transactions and can last a long time, but a typical spam SMTP session lasts only a few seconds and contains a single transaction.
An area of a multisession CD consisting of a Lead-In area, Program area and a Lead-Out area. On a CD-R it allows the data to be written a session at a time. Up to 99 sessions may be written to a single disc.
When writing of data by the Track-At-Once method, the beginning and end of any subsequent data includes additional control data in the form of a 60-second Lead-in and 30-second Lead-out. This combination of data in the form of Lead-in/Data/Lead-out is called a "Session." A disc with multiple sessions is referred to as a Multi-session disc.
The data written to a compact disc during the span of a single recording. Sessions are identified by a lead-in area, containing session contents, and a lead-out area, indicating the close of the session.
The General Assembly shall be a continuing body during the term for which its Representatives are elected. Members are elected for two-year terms beginning December 1st of each even-numbered year.
The decision making court that gives guidance to the work and worship of the local congregation. It is composed of the Minister and the ruling elders who have been elected by the members of the congregation.
A Presbyterian congregation's church board, made up of Elders selected from among its members.
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SimpleDecimal NONE
A period during which access to a WebObjects application and its resources is granted to a particular client typically a browser. Also an object of the WOSession class representing a session.
An interaction between an identified client and a server for a finite time, subject to discrete authentication. See DCE Security Model .
When a group of people use Habanero to collaborate, Habanero keeps track of things in a session. The session knows who the collaborators are, and what hablets they are using. The clients of any new collaborators who join the session then receive this information in order to construct their local copy of the collaboration environment.
Synonyms: Block. A set of contiguous events, typically an instruction event (i.e. class) followed by a practice event. An inclusive charge is normally available to students who attend all events within the session.
A segment of a course, seminar, or workshop. (See learning event or activity.)
A group of related event handlers bound together with a common heap and managed as a unit by the kernel. Sessions are the kernel's unit of resource management; whenever an event handler watches a new resource, it's allocated to the session. When the session stops, its lingering resources are freed. Contrawise, the kernel knows when sessions have released all their event generating resources, and it can stop sessions which have become stagnant or idle. see: heap, immediate event, kernel, nfa session, queued event
The act of sitting, or the state of being seated.
A session is one "sitting" - from when you start using something to when you stop using it.
A new session begins upon the summoning of the members of the House of Assembly by the Lieutenant Governor and begins with a speech from the throne. The House cannot sit until its members have been summoned. The Lieutenant Governor may end the session at any time by proroguing the House and, in that case, the House cannot sit again until its members are summoned to start a new session. A session may also be ended by the dissolution of the House. In present practice, the House is only prorogued immediately before the commencement of a new session.
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A skating session.
A unique visit.
A session is a tuple, consisting of an annotator, a dataset to annotate, and a perspective. A session encompasses the performance of a single annotation task by a particular annotator (human or otherwise) on a particular dataset. Each session is referred to by a unique name, using the following string attributes: annotator: The person (or computer program) that made the annotations in the session main object: This is a string describing the "main object" being annotated. data type: A short string describing the type of annotations stored in this session. session ID: The session id mainly exists as an extra attribute to differentiate otherwise identical sessions. For example, it might carry version information. In NOMOS, and in this manual, sessions are often abbreviated in the form annotator--main_object--data_type--session_id.
Normally refers to the internal conversation between the File daemon and the Storage daemon. The File daemon opens a session with the Storage daemon to save a FileSet, or to restore it. A session has a one to one correspondence to a Bacula Job (see above).
A session on tape corresponds to a partition or volume on hard disk.
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Set Neck SFSK
A saved set of pages and application windows
Set Neck Sforzando
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A session provides a context for an application's media playback or recording tasks in the Movie Server.
An OLE DB object that serves as the context for a transaction.
The context within which service is rendered to the applicant by the server. One of PAM's four facilities, session management, is concerned exclusively with setting up and tearing down this context.
The primary contact point where the CSC can present claims to an IMC physician for medical and claims assessment decisions/actions
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In RTP, the association among a set of participants communicating with RTP. A session is defined by a network address plus a port pair for RTP and RTCP.
A collection of process groups established for job control purposes. Each process group is a member of a session. A process belongs to the session that its process group belongs to. A newly created process joins the session of its creator. A process can alter its session membership via setsid(). A session can contain multiple process groups.
A group of processes that are related either by the same desktop or the same process tree.
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individual workouts
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An exchange of messages under the protection of a single piece of keying material. For example, SSL sessions use a single key to send multiple messages back and forth under that key.
A single threaded context for sending and receiving messages. This can be a queue session or a topic session.
A single runtime copy of a 3270 or 5250 terminal emulator, through which a host application can be accessed.
A session object retains information between several pages. Typically it is used to hold data relating to a transaction, as in a shopping cart. In JSP a session object, called session, is automatically provided (without the programmer doing anything) - it is an implicit object
A set of choices you make using Performance Manager. A session comprises selected nodes, metrics, display types, intervals, and threshold settings. You can save as many sessions as you want, but you can only run one session at a time.
Period of time within which a consistent set of trading actions takes place, usually comprising the following phases: initialization, pre-opening/opening, trading, closing, and post-session processing.
Preliminary, Semi-Final or Final TC: Technical Committee
Steps within the Project Evaluation Process: Opening Session, Administrative Evaluation Session, Technical Evaluation Session, Final Evaluation Session.
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See tuning session.
decimal Simple The trading session of a particular market.
Recording session for a radio or TV commercial; also, a photo session.
Common unit in poker record keeping. Results from one session (such as an evening's play), are recorded. Hours are also often used.
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The layers, projection details, and settings of any GUI-elements for the current view
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An object that stores information about a caller as they move through a script
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Simple Resolution
The set of exchanges that occur while the transmission channel is open.
In terms of the payment system, a session manages the exchange of money.
A network conversation between two devices.
An establishment of communication between two computers to transmit data.
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Session Support enabled
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This refers to a particular year of study and is made up of three terms.