Definitions for "Oracle Net"
Keywords:  courier, enables, tools, session, net
A software component that enables connectivity. It includes a core communication layer called the Oracle Net foundation layer and network protocol support. Oracle Net allows services and their applications to reside on different computers and communicate as peer applications. The main function of Oracle Net is to establish network sessions and transfer data between a client machine and a server or between two servers. After a network session has been established, Oracle Net acts as a data courier for the client and the server.
An Oracle product that enables two or more computers that run an Oracle database server or Oracle tools, such as Designer/2000 to exchange data through a third-party network. Oracle Net supports distributed processing and distributed databases. Oracle Net is an open system because it is independent of the communication protocol, and users can interface Oracle Net to many network environments.
The Oracle client/server communication software that offers transparent operation to Oracle tools or databases over any type of network protocol and operating system.