Definitions for "NCA"
national command authorities
National Cosmetology Association
National Cricket Academy
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North Central Association. Narrative and expository reading and writing Non-accredited Narrative reading and writing Non-accredited private schools Nationally board certified Non-English Proficient (NEP) Needs assessment Non-public schools Neighborhood school Norm-referenced assessments NEP North Central Association (NCA) Networking Narrative and expository reading and writing Narrative reading and writing may be fiction or nonfiction and may seek to entertain or do more. The key is that they are both story with the usual ingredients of a story such as character or characters and a setting. For the purpose of the Kansas Reading Assessment, narratives will be selected form short pieces of fiction with familiar topics such as family, friends, relationships, and conflicts. Exposition for our purpose seeks to explain or inform and may do so through describing, comparison and contrast, showing causes and effects, an presenting problems and solutions. Much of what we write and read is not clearly narrative or expository, but is a combination of structures and purposes. Narrative reading and writing (See Narrative and expository reading and writing)
North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement - the regional accrediting association of schools covering 17 states from Michigan to Arizona . Their school improvement process is a continuous improvement model. Schools choose to participate in this process or choose to use this approach to meet Kansas ' QPA process.
Newcastle Community Association
Network Configuration (sometimes Configurator) Application. NetView software, announced September 1991, which provides a menu-driven front end for collecting network configuration information for Info/Man and/or the Resource Object Data Manager. It can also display Info/Man data in a graphic form.
The Network Computing Architecture (NCA) is a standard for computing over the network. The NCA was developed in conjunction with Oracle.
Network Computer Architecture. N-tier model. The third kind of computer network in which the users or clients have user interface capabilities, application servers have the applications, and data servers have the data. A NCA combines the transaction capabilities of client-server architecture with the ease of the Internet with the extensibility of distributed objects. An example would be a Sun browser machine attached to a network and using their applications, databases, and hard drives for storage. See also mainframe architecture and client-server architecture.
ational ommand uthority. The person or ‘title’ responsible for giving orders to the military.
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Narmada Control Authority
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Norwegian Church Aid
Abbreviation for: Northern Control Area Fr: NCA
Non Construction Alternative
Non Car Available
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Noise Control Act (1972)