Definitions for "NSC"
The Bourse de Paris trading system, adopted by Euronext.
The electronic trading system used in France since 1986 for equities and bonds. Now, the system is used on all Euronext cash products. Operates from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m..
National Scientific Convention
the HCFA division that assigns supplier numbers to DME suppliers so that they may bill DMERC's. Also responsible for maintaining data on suppliers, reenrolling providers and helping with the investigation of fraud and abuse.
National Steering Council for Nuclear Free Local Authorities.
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Network Supply Chain - Forrester Research acronym 'A network of interenterprise supply chain events connected through a private or public eMarketplace'.
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Navision Solution Centre
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Nebraska Service Center
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Nuclear Service Connector
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North Sea Commission
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No significant cloud
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Non-Service Connected