Definitions for "National Security"
The term used by governments to justify investigations into UFOs. Often, however, the authorities use the pretext of national security to conceal information about UFOs from the public.
the condition of the nation, in terms of threats, especially threats from outside. One of the major jobs of the federal government is to ensure the security of the nation.
Used in Project LEGAL to describe a value held by the government. It is a concern about protecting our society from actions which could threaten our government. Sometimes it results in government actions which may conflict with individual values.
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National Security (2003) is a comedy film starring Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn. The film was directed by Dennis Dugan who has directed other films as well as many television shows. In addition to Lawrence and Zahn, National Security boasts an additional cast of Bill Duke, Eric Roberts, Colm Feore, Matt Mc Coy, and others.
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Synonymous with Defense
Refers to the national defense or foreign relations of the United States.
The national defense and foreign relations of the United States.