Definitions for "Coy"
Shrinking from approach or familiarity; reserved; bashful; shy; modest; -- usually applied to women, sometimes with an implication of coquetry.
To behave with reserve or coyness; to shrink from approach or familiarity.
affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way
Keywords:  allure, decoy, entice
To allure; to entice; to decoy.
Keywords:  hesitating, gentle, soft
Soft; gentle; hesitating.
Keywords:  unwilling, difficulty
To make difficulty; to be unwilling.
Keywords:  caress, stroke, hand
To caress with the hand; to stroke.
Keywords:  quiet, still
Quiet; still.
Keywords:  strength, full, return, men, company
Company. 234 men in full strength Coy. 4 Coys in a Bn. return