Definitions for "NTA"
Net Tangible Assets. An indication of what each share in a company is worth if all the assets were liquidated, all the debts were paid and the residual was distributed to the ordinary shareholders on a per share basis.
Net Tangible Assets. See Net Asset Value.
Abbreviation for Net Tangible Assets.
(Nitrilotriacetic acid) This carcinogenic phosphate substitute is banned in the U.S. As with EDTA, it can free heavy metals in the environment and reintroduce them into the food chain. NTA is slow to biodegrade. Found in: No U.S. manufactured products. However, imported products, especially laundry detergents, should be scrutinized to ensure that no NTA has escaped regulatory attention.
Non Teaching Assistant. Were also called LSA. Now to be called TA.
Non-teaching Assistant Additional classroom support for teachers.
Nepal Teachers Association
National Tour Association, comprised of domestic tour operators.
National Trifle Association
National Tobacco Administration
Anti-Imperialist Territorial Nuclei based in Italy
Notice to Appear - INS Form I-862, Notice to Deportable Alien (the "charging document" in an immigration case).
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See New Technology Associates