Definitions for "NFC"
Abbreviation for ational ootball onference.
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NFC is an open platform technology for contactless networking based upon ISO 14443-2.3 and 4 existing standards operating in the 13.56 MHz band. It was standardized in ECMA 340 as well as ETSI TS 102 190 V1.1.1 and ISO/IEC 18092. These standards specify the modulation schemes, coding, transfer speeds, and frame format of the RF interface of NFC devices, as well as initialization schemes and conditions required for data collision-control during initialization - for both passive and active NFC modes.
Near Field Communications
ear ield ommunication – a wireless communication system developed in conjunction between Philips and Sony to compete with Bluetooth wireless communication.
Near Field Communication
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Online speak for "No F'ing Clue"
National Fraternal Congress. A national organization of fraternal benefit societies joined together for cooperative information and action on affairs of common interest. Executive headquarters are in Chicago.
National Field Champion.
National Fire Codes. The collected technical fire protection standards prepared by various committees of the National Fire Protection Association and published annually in 15 volumes.
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need for cognition. A trait that describes how much people like to think.
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Numbered Fleet Commander; i.e., C2F, C3F, C5F, C6F or C7F.
Unicode acronym for Normalization Form C
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Nuclear Fuel Complex
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Not From Concentrate