Definitions for "NSB"
Non-specific binding. Wells run as NSBs typically contain only buffer and the enzyme-linked conjugate. Because no intermediate molecules are present to specifically retain the conjugate in the well, any enzyme activity that is detected after the washing procedure is there due to non-specific binding.
Acronym for NewSteelBody, development project at ThyssenKrupp for a complete, systematically weight-optimized steel body-in-white
(Neural Support Blend): is a proprietary blend composed of phospholipids, enzymes, and essential fatty acids to help optimize the benefits of our various formulas. Enzymes are added to help deliver the nutrients across the gut wall and remove any molecules that may promote inflammatory processes. Lecithin is included to provide choline and antioxidant benefits. Choline is a main building block of cell membranes and of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It is involved in cell membrane signaling and lipid transport at the hepatic and cell membrane levels. EPA and DHA provide essential fatty acids, critical fats for both neuron structure and biochemistry.
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near-surface burst