Definitions for "Federation"
The act of uniting in a league; confederation.
A league; a confederacy; a federal or confederated government.
creation of the nation of Australia in 1901, from the six colonies: Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and Western Australia
One of the two entities making up BiH. It is primarily inhabited by Muslims and Croats.
One entity of the BiH that is primarily composed of Muslims and Croats.
an amalgamation or conglomeration of individual entities, in this case, states
a group of voluntary charitable human, health and welfare agencies established to supply common fundraising, administrative and management services to its members
a group of voluntary charitable human health and welfare organizations established for purposes of supplying common fundraising, administrative, and management services to its members
a very important organization that strives to ensure the survival and growth of the Jewish community through fundraising, planning and providing programs and services
An organisational structure involving two or more autonomous administrations in which the member administrations have an agreement on how they will inter work with each other, including the extent to which the Resources of one member can be shared by other members. source: TINA-C domain: Pan European Organisational Management Schemes. usage: EU-P103
a collection of autonomous devices which can become aware of one another and cooperate if need be
an association of unions
a collection of worlds in which each has a special, trusted relationship with the others
a set of federates capable of interoperating within a distributed environment
a set of organizations that establish mutual trust with each other
Federation is a text-based online game developed by IBGames. The game was originally launched in 1988 on the Commodore 64 network, Compunet. IBGames has since dropped online support for the game, as the entirety of the game's fanbase began playing the sequel, Federation II, upon its release in December of 2003.
See Association.
the four Theological Colleges associated with, but not colleges of, Cambridge University: Ridley Hall (Anglican), Wesley House (Methodist), Westcott House (Anglican), Westminster College (United Reformed).
a combination of libraries serving a multicounty, multicity, or city-county area within an area designated by the state library commission
A geographic region of LRY which was similar to a district.
Geographical grouping of libraries of all types working together to provide a broader range of resources and services than each individual library can offer alone. Montana is divided into six federations; each has an advisory board, headquarters library and federation coordinator.
a collection of objects working together for some time period of time
a way in which many different collectives and affinity groups gather together, usually on a long term basis (that is, not just for a momentary protest or mobilization)
Federation is a collection of short stories written by H. Beam Piper. Most of these stories take place in the early part of his Terro-Human Future History.
a coalition of individual charities with similar missions that align to minimize administrative costs and coordinate activities
a flexible instrument of coordinating common and private interests
an organization that provides administrative, marketing and operational support for a group of individual charities
an organization formed by merging several groups or parties
a grouping of two or more sovereign states
a group of identity providers (e
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a CORDRA instance
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Para and Ortho; formed 1801
a group of institutions and organisations that sign up to an agreed set of policies for exchanging information about users and resources, to enable access and use of resources and services
a group of organisations that share a set of agreed policies and rules for access to online resources
an association of organizations that come together to exchange information as appropriate about their respective users and resources in order to enable collaborations and transactions
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(Refer; Edwardian)
This term is used in two senses in SAML: The act of establishing a relationship between two entities. An association comprising any number of service providers and identity providers.
a comprised of a number
a great fed with friendly members, great staff, and uses real wrestlers
a large, often multi-ethnic, state originally based on mutual agreement between the participants
a set of campus services, multiple universities, corporations, content providers, etc
a set of services that can work together to perform a task
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See Federated database