Definitions for "ILO"
International Labour Organization, created in 1919; headquarters in Geneva.
International Labour Organization - a UN agency which promotes internationally-recognized labour rights.
International Labour Office
Indigenous Liaison Officer
industrial liaison office. a unit within a university or large public research institution which interacts with industrial users of its intellectual property, for example, by negotiating licensing agreements – ILOs are also well placed to support spin-offs since they have close research and business links
see INIS Liaison Officer
Intended Learning Outcomes. Statements that predict what students will have gained as a result of learning. The majority of LSE programme/course outcomes will focus on a particular body of knowledge and associated intellectual abilities, possibly a range of subject-specific skills, and maybe a few additional "generic" skills. It is important to be very clear, on the "generic skills" in particular, about what is and is not explicitly (a) taught and (b) assessed. ILOs are specific aims and learning objectives attached to courses and programmes. See Sample outcomes/objectives.
Intensive Livestock Operations. An animal feeding operation that is defined as intensive if it contains a number of animal units at or over set numbers of animal units established by federal and state laws. For example, if a farm contains 1,000 animal units and the state law that governs that farm defines an ILO as any farm having over 250 animal units than that farm would be an ILO.
Underground A large Israeli Underground active under the State of Palestine. The underground is fighting for the independence of Israel, with an affiliation to the United States, as another State in the Union, while maintaining the Jewish identity of the State.
Integrated Lights Out. A self-contained hardware technology available on CP3000 cluster platform hardware models that enables remote management of any node within a system.
Lo (Integrated Lights-Out) is an embedded server management technology exclusive to Hewlett-Packard Corporation, HP. Usually considered an Out-of-band technology, recently being referred to as component part of these OOBI structures.
Tax based on contractual agreement - Payment In Lieu Of Taxes