Definitions for "LSE"
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adjective [low self-esteem]: used to describe a woman who is insecure and tends to engage in self-effacing or self-destructive behavior. Origin: MrSex4uNYC.
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Load Serving Entity. An entity, including a municipal electric system and an electric cooperative, authorized by law, regulatory authorization or requirement, agreement, or contractual obligation to supply Energy, Capacity, and/or Ancillary Services to retail end users located within the NYCA, including NYISO Direct Customers.
Load Serving Entity. Any entity (or duly designated agent of such an entity), including a load aggregator or power marketer, (i) serving end users within the PJM Control Area, and (ii) that has been granted the authority or has an obligation pursuant to state or local law, regulation or franchise to sell electric energy to end-users located within the PJM Control Area.
Load Serving Entities. Utilities, marketers or aggregators who provide electric power to a large number of end-use customers.
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Logistic Support Element/s
Logistics support element
London Metal Exchange
The London School of Economics & Political Science
Londo Stock Exchange
Refers to Launch Site Equipment.
Life Sustaining Equipment. any electrically operated equipment that is essential to sustaining the life of the individual user of that equipment. (e.g. iron lung)
Life Saving Equipment [ Regulations] metre nautical mile
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Loose SWCCG Star Wars Collectable Card Game
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Light Single Engine Mach number
Languages programme period abroad in mixed study and experience
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930 0002 Land grant land division corner, SE (obsolete)
Local Subscriber Environment
LOAN SERVICE EXECUTIVE. An employee who takes mortgage loan applications and starts the underwriting process and prepares closing documents.
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Low surface energy.