Definitions for "ITC"
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Investment Tax Credit. The credit against federal income taxes provided by the Revenue Act for qualified depreciable assets after December 31, 1961, except for suspension periods October 10, 1966 to March 9, 1967, and April 18, 1969 to August 15, 1971. Tax Reform Act of 1986 repeals regular ITC for property placed in service after December 31, 1985.
Investment Tax Credit. A credit against income taxes, usually computed as a percent of the cost of investment in certain types of assets.
A tax credit, which is an amount deducted directly from federal income tax otherwise payable, calculated as a fixed percentage of eligible expenditures on scientific research and experimental development.
Incorporated Television Company
Independent Telephone Company. Local carrier other than the seven Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) and GTE.
Independent Theatre Council
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International Trade Canter
International Trade Commission -- US agency concerned with international trade.
U.S. International Trade Commission
Inter-Task Communication Show related articles
instrumental transcommunication
Instrumentation tray cable NEC Article 727.
Information Technology and Communication
The Department of Information Technology & Communication, U.Va.'s general purpose computing center. For more information about ITC's organization and mission, please see our organizational home page.
Information Technology & Communications: another way of referring to ICT
See Industry Training Council.
Instructor Training Course. Class in which divers advance their knowledge and skill, and qualify as scuba instructors.
the abbreviation for the Industrial Training Center on campus. Industrial Training Center
Intermittent Traffic Control. The term refers to times when the production requires uniformed law enforcement officers to stop and to hold traffic on a road in one or both directions for a period of time, generally not to exceed three minutes.
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an abbreviation for In-the-Canal hearing aid. It is the second smallest size of hearing aids and fills out the bottom portion of the ear.
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In The Chips