Definitions for "GST"
Goods and services taxes.
Abbreviation for general service trustee. GSTs are elected at-large from the OA membership. The six GSTs serve as the Executive of the BOT.
Generation Skipping Transfer. A transfer of property made to a family member who is more than one generation below the donor, that occurs either during life as a gift or at death by will or bequest.
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Glutathione S-transferase
Generic scan tool
Generic Sales Type An aggregated group of products to manage allocation procedure.
General Systems Theory. The interdisciplinary idea that systems of any type and in any specialism can all be described by a common set of ideas related to the holistic interaction of the components. This nonlinear theory rejects the idea that system descriptions can be reduced to linear properties of disjoint parts.
Graphic stress telethermometry. A method of measuring surface heat from a distance. Some have used this method, plus computer analysis of heat patterns in the breast, to measure breast cancer risk. This is not a reliable method and is not in standard practice. Gross Description/“The Gross”: Characteristics of a breast biopsy sample that the pathologist measured and felt when examining the tissue with the naked eye (without a microscope).
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On a buoy report, peak 5 or 8 second gust speed (m/s) measured during the eight-minute or two-minute period. The 5 or 8 second period can be determined by payload.
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Gunnery skills test
Abbreviation for the Golden State Warriors
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Gothic Standard Time
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German Summer Time
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Gridded Surface Temperature
Government-Supported Training