Definitions for "Tariffs"
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Tariffs are the taxes that a government places on the imports that come into the country. They are an important source of revenue for a government, but can also be used to make imports more expensive and reduce competition for local producers.
Taxes on imported goods and services, levied by governments to raise revenues and create barriers to trade.
a tariff is a tax imposed on imported goods that increases the cost of the goods to importers, and hence increases the price of these goods on the market. Domestic goods, of course, pay no tariffs, and the price is lower than the imports. In this way many countries have protected their own industries from foreign competition. The spread of free trade has removed most tariffs, and removed the protection countries can give to their own industries. The industrial capital of Canada was built over 60 years behind tariff walls, most of which have now been removed by free trade agreements.
Rates, terms and conditions as filed with State and/or Federal regulatory agencies—be wary of references to these in Telecom Contracts.  Know what you are signing.
See ‘Guide to Tariff Terminology' under Related Information for all tariff-related terminology.
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Tariffs for translation vary widely, not only in terms of price but also as far as calculation methods are concerned. The English-speaking world calculates by word, whereas Switzerland usually applies a tariff per line. In some cases, the tariff is based on the source text and in others, invoicing is calculated on the target text. Quoting a tariff by line or by word alone is an advertising argument which should not inspire confidence, since this reveals nothing about either the services included or about the quality of the texts and the customer support, etc.