Definitions for "GPT"
General purpose thermoplastic
General Professional Training - all trainees entering HMT must undertake a minimum of 2 years of basic specialist training with the correct amount of acute medical takes. See individual curricula for specific details.
General Property Trust
Gross Pollutant Trap. A device used to intercept the gross pollutants being transported in stormwater.
Gross pollutant trap. A device built in stormwater channels for capturing sediment and rubbish.
Gross pollutant trap. Atype of stormwater quality improvement device (see below) that is a permanent installation in an urban watercourse designed to intercept and retain coarse sediment, litter and debris. Traps usually consist of a combination of floating booms, trash racks and ponds, with provision for access to maintain and clean the trap.
Graduation Proficiency Test. From 1986-2003, this test was the second language requirement for most CLA students.
Gravel Pack Tool. A gamma ray attenuation tool to determine the density of a gravel pack.
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