Definitions for "Export Declaration"
A document required by the U.S. Treasury department and completed by the exporter to show the value, weight, consignee, destination, etc., pertinent to the export shipment. The document serves two purposes: to gather trade statistics and to provide a control document if the goods require a valid export license.
A document required by the U.S. Treasury Department and completed by a shipper indicating the contents, value, and destination of an export shipment.
export freight manifest
A government document declaring designated goods to be shipped out of the country. To be completed by the exporter and filed with the U.S. Government.
A formal statement made to the collector of customs at a port of exit declaring full particulars about goods being exported.
A formal statement declaring full details about goods being exported, that is made to customs at a port of exit.
A document called for by the Ministry of Commerce (USA: Department of Commerce) that provides information regarding the nature, value, etc., of export.
A required customs document for exportation from the United States.
A document required by the Department of Commerce that provides information as to the nature, value, etc., of export activity.
is the official paperwork required of exporters so trade transactions and goods can be tracked.
A form filled out by a US exporter for government statistical and export-control purposes.