Definitions for "Treasury"
The name for the center of financial operations within a company. The Treasury...
That department of a government which has charge of the finances.
Government department responsible for all the government's financial decisions and for regulation of the financial services sector. The minister responsible for the treasury is the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
A place or building in which stores of wealth are deposited; especially, a place where public revenues are deposited and kept, and where money is disbursed to defray the expenses of government; hence, also, the place of deposit and disbursement of any collected funds.
Hence, a book or work containing much valuable knowledge, wisdom, wit, or the like; a thesaurus; as, " Maunder's Treasury of Botany."
a depository (a room or building) where wealth and precious objects can be kept safely
a show-stopper, and the track selection is fine, spotlighting Drake's weighty insights and limning the various complexions of his character
A repository of abundance; a storehouse.
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A small building belonging to a city at Delphi, housing the offerings to the gods from that city.
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Managing the cash flows within a company.
A treasure.