Definitions for "Public funds"
Any funds appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly or by a political subdivision of the State of Illinois. No public funds shall be used to urge any elector to vote for or against any candidate or proposition, or be appropriated for political or campaign purposes to any candidate or political organization. Nothing in the Campaign Financing Act shall prohibit the use of public funds for the dissemination of factual information relative to any proposition appearing on an election ballot, or for dissemination of information and arguments published and distributed under law in connection with a proposition to amend the Constitution of the State of Illinois.
Public funds are monies the government places with the Deposit Insurance Corp. to stabilize the financial system and protect depositors. They are used to cover losses at failed financial institutions as well as finance injections of capital into ailing ones and buy their bad loans. In addition to government bonds donated by the government, the funds include government-guaranteed loans the corporation receives from the Bank of Japan and private financial institutions. Public funds totaled about 60 trillion yen initially, but an amendment to the deposit insurance law raised that amount to 70 trillion yen beginning in fiscal 2000.
All moneys deposited with the college regardless of source (e.g., state and federal funds, grants, contracts, donations).
public funds for immigration purposes include attendance allowance, child benefit, council tax benefit, disability living allowance, disabled person’s tax credit, working families’ tax credit, housing benefit, income based jobseeker’s allowance, income support, invalid care allowance, severe disablement allowance and housing as a homeless person or from a local authority housing register.
A term used in the Immigration Rules. In many immigration categories it is a requirement that a person can support themselves without relying on a wide range, and in many cases any, State welfare benefits.