Definitions for "iDA"
(Sanskrit) Subtle nerve on the left side of the shushumna channel (Spine) It is one of two ethereal nerve canals crossing at each chakra.
A Nadi, a channel of energy starting from the left nostril, then moving to the crown of the head and then descending to the base of the spine. In its course it conveys lunar energy and so is called Chandra Nadi (channel of the lunar energy).
One of the major pranic channels in the body. Located on the left side of the body, is feminine (intuitive) in nature.
In the Rigveda is primary Food, refreshment or a libation of milk, then a stream of praise personified as the goddess of speech
Ida is a Hindu goddess of the earth, abundant food, and nourishment. She is also the granter of any blessings evoked through her.
Stands for Individual Development Account, IDAs are a matched savings account available to help income-eligible participant achieve goals such as starting a business, higher education, and home ownership. IDAs are sponsored by community development, faith-based, and other non-profit organizations and generally provide financial education training as well as matched savings.
Individual Development Account. Savings accounts in which low income families deposit money that is then matched (often in a ratio greater than one to one) by a nonprofit organization or financial institution. Often depositors must save towards a financial goal such as home ownership or education.
Improvement and Development Agency
Ida is an American indie rock band from New York City. The group formed in Brooklyn in 1992 as the duo of Daniel Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell. Later Karla Schickele and Michael Littleton (Daniel's brother, nicknamed "Miggy") joined the group.
Ida is a restaurant at Ida Aalbergin tie 1, Pohjois-Haaga, Helsinki, Finland.
lithuanian, english, german, scandinavian, italian, spanish, portuguese, hungarian and slovene name, derived from the german word meaning "youthful, full of youth".
Interactive Data Archive
Inferred from direct assay: Enzyme assays; In vitro reconstitution; Immunofluorescence; Cell fractionation; Physical interaction/binding assay
Allows green spots on shanks - this gene is not widely accepted and the effect of this gene may be due to the interaction of modifiers not allelic to this locus.
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programming environment integrated into an application that configurable to using whole programming language
Installation Design Authority: an MoD term applied to a named individual responsible for the design integrity of a facility or system. IDAs work together with CIDA to ensure the overall integrity of the facilities (particularly IT-based) in the Met Office, both at Exeter and at frontline units.
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Initial Denial Authority. An official who has been granted authority by the head of a DoD Component to withhold records requested under the FOIA for one or more of the nine categories of records exempt from mandatory disclosure. IDA's may also deny a fee category claim by a requester and/or deny a request for expedited processing due to demonstrated compelling need.
International Depository Authority
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In Greek mythology, the mountain on Crete where Zeus spent his childhood.
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(Lu.) See Fardela.
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The Ida is a kind of sword used by the Yoruba people of West Africa. It is a long sword with a narrow to wide blade and sheathe. The sword is sharp, and cuts on contact but begins to dull if not sharpened regularly.
Interchange of Data between Administrations – operated by DG Enterprise of the European Commission (URL:
See Investment Dealers Association of Canada.
Investment Dealers Association. Formed in 1916, the IDA is the national self-regulatory organization of the securities industry. It monitors and regulates the activities of investment dealers, and promotes the interests of the securities industry. The IDA is one of the founding members of the Financial Services OmbudsNetwork.
Interface for distributed automation. Industrial networking organization
Hanford Individual Dose Assessment Project
Initial Damage Assessment. The IDA is conducted immediately during the early and critical stages of the disaster, as soon as the conditions allow survey personnel to operate in the affected area(s). The purpose of the IDA is to determine the most urgent relief needs, the immediate response requirements and identify the need for State and/or Federal assistance. It is broad in scope and focuses on overall patterns and trends.
Infrared Data Association
International Divers Association. Florida agency specializing in training beyond sport diving limits.
A division of the World Bank that provides loans at concessional rates of interest to low-income countries.
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Institute for Defense Analyses
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Infectious Disease Agent.
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Inventory Data Analyzer
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ida is a small and fast image viewer for X
an agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank