Definitions for "Interactive Media"
media designed to involve the learner in interactions with technology
variety of media, including free-standing units such as special displays and kiosks, plus the Internet, through which the consumer can connect with and have a dialogue with the advertiser through a computer hookup, receiving product or other information, asking questions, and even ordering products and services, all on a path and at a pace controlled by the consumer.
Electronic promotions such as e-mail, baimer ads, and search, that drive visitors to your Web site, Advertising agencies often handle client purchases of interactive media.
Involving the active participation of the user in directing the flow of the computer or video programme; a system which exchanges information with the viewer, processing the viewer's input in order to generate the appropriate response within the context of the programme; as opposed to linear.
Refers to telecommunications channels that allow the two-way exchange of information.
New telecommunications systems designed to permit two-way communications between televisions or computers in one location with software stored on a central computer. Can also allow individuals in distant locations to communicate, teach, or learn from one another.
a local company whose mission is to conceptualise, develop and market premiere multimedia softwares
A presentation designed to be controlled by a user interacting with some form of interface. For example, the interface may contain buttons to branch to different parts of the presentation, play audio files, or display stored graphic images.