Definitions for "Campaign"
A connected series of military operations forming a distinct stage in a war; the time during which an army keeps the field.
A series of connected adventures played by a group usually using the same PCs and many of the same NPCs.
In the military sense, a Campaign is a series of battles linked by time and geography, such as The North African Campaign in the Second World War. In a game sense, a Campaign is a series of linked battles. For instance, a player might be required to play three scenarios with the same army, with losses in the first battle weakening the army during the following battles.
Political operations preceding an election, by candidates, their assistants, and supporters, for the purpose of convincing voters to vote for the candidate. It usually consists of one or more methods of contacting voters including advertising, distribution or mailing of printed leaflets or letters; speeches, interviews with news media, and door-to-door visits with potential voters.
Any coordinated effort to contact potential supporters or customers and solicit their support or patronage; as, an advertising campaign.
The total planned, coordinated sales effort on behalf of a specific client or product, often multimedia in nature and run over a period of time. Motto Advertising has created numerous award-winning campaigns for its clients.
Refers to the advertising that is purchased. For example, Canadian Tire's Christmas campaign airs television advertisements in 15 markets for 8 weeks at 200 GRPs per market.
a grouping of advertisements that are related in some way
a plan that describes where on the site the online advertisement will run as well as its start and end dates
a race between candidates for elective office; "I managed his campaign for governor"; "he is raising money for a Senate run"
exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for; "The liberal party pushed for reforms"; "She is crusading for women's rights"; "The Dean is pushing for his favorite candidate"
a coalition of NGOs throughout the world dedicated to the reform of policies and practices of export credit agencies as outlined in the Jakarta Declaration
a set of activities planned to achieve something like social or political change
a breathtaking pace for any of the political leaders
(n): a planned group of esp. political, business or military activities which are intended to achieve a particular aim.
Online marketing campaign composed of a number of ads and targeted to a number of sites.
A Campaign is the second-level ConversionRuler tracking identifier (e.g., e-mail, Pay-Per-Click, banner ad, etc.). ConversionRuler's overall reporting hierarchy (in order of increasing detail) is: Category, Campaign, Segment.
a collection of ads and keywords with a specified maximum price per click and a total budget
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a larger and longer ten to forty player game
a strategic level World War I naval mini-sim for two players, where Britain's Grand Fleet
A military operation with some more or less defined objective that might involve a combination of movement and one or more battles. The most sustained campaign of the War of 1812 followed the American invasion of Niagara in 1814.
A set of email marketing messages that is delivered to prospects and/or customers at intervals in order to meet a certain marketing and business objective.
A structured, measurable, Direct Email marketing operation using GotMarketing's Web-based Campaigner system.
A Campaign is a type of mailing activity. Examples for use of Campaigns include sending emails to a defined group of people, sending emails to market a particular product or service, or managing a recurring mailout such as a newsletter. It is a defined configuration of settings (including defined stationary templates, list recipients and/or content sources) for managing multiple similar mailouts.
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a revolt against John Hume
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run, stand, or compete for an office or a position; "Who's running for treasurer this year?"
Competing a dog regularly in the pursuit of a title.
To competitively hunt, market and promote a dog.
an excellent example of that
a time for us to excel in philanthropy just as we strive for excellence in everything else
Gametype An Enemy Territory-specific gametype where up to three maps are strung together and experience points carry over from map to map
a set of experimental and theoretical activities needed to answer the questions
a string of maps set together to
an overland journey by hunters (especially in Africa)
The period during which a blast furnace is continuously in operation.
an ongoing storyline revolving about a continuous group of characters
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a high profile, moneymaker
E.g., the Prophecies or Factions campaigns. Also known as chapters.
a hell of a lot fuzzier than an electronic transmission line
An open field; a large, open plain without considerable hills. SeeChampaign.
Marcom activity to the channel or end-user. Less formal or comprehensive than a program, campaigns may still have membership requirements. To be effective, marcom must work directly with field sales management to align the message with partner business needs.
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a disagreement, and disagreements divide
a focused mobilization of energy with a clear objective, over a time period that can realistically be sustained by our constituency
a long-term plan of action that is focused on one particular issue
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a great idea because we use this information in our planning and also, you never know, you may end up having enough demand for ADSL
A time-limited set of ads - campaigns may run across different media, and for one month or ten years, but can be categorised together as they are the execution of a central idea
A typical search engine optimization campaign lasts approximately one year. It can take several months to accomplish initial placement of a site on some search engines, and then the positioning needs to be "tweaked" to get the best results. Most experts agree that it takes two years to achieve optimal search engine positioning.
a group of elements and actions, which must be carefully planned and coordinated, so that it can produce a specific and tangible effect
an organized course of action aimed at achieving, within a determined time frame, the acceptance of an idea or the implementation of a certain measure
an organized course of action to achieve change
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a business proposition
a major operation while a ROUND is the process within the canlpaign
The reporting level of your BidSmartâ„¢ Account containing one or more Listings.
or lobby is to try to influence decision-makers to introduce specific, and/or change existing, policies and programmes.
a programmed, thoughtful, orderly approach to a task at hand
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a far more complex system than a coin flip
the charitable fund-raising program established under Executive Order Number 10728, as amended by Executive Order Number 10926, 12353, and 12404.
a marketing project intended to draw new customers to your business
a marketing project to promote customers to your small business
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a tendency to drop points on their travels
a trade show to which they are inviting local fire departments
A campaign consists of a calling list of telephone numbers to be called by a group of agents in a call center. For dialing methods other than manual, scripting aids and screen-popped data specific to each number will assist the agent to have a productive conversation, when a live call is made.
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a multi-piece package
An association of related experiments that represent a major line of investigation.
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a collection of Ad Groups
a collection of ad spaces
One or more ad groups.
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To serve in a campaign.
a balancing act between being all about us (meaning the nation) and all about me (meaning the individual)