Definitions for "LISTSERVE"
These are electronic email distributors which link a group of people with common interests. One subscribes to a listserve (most are free) and mail from any one member is sent to the central server which then distributes it to the entire group. Listservs can be overwhelming as the volume of mail may be very large.
An email mailing list, where what is emailed, is automatically broadcast to everyone on the list. Arts Presenters currently has listserves on: Advocacy, Emerging Leadership Institute, K-12 Arts Education, Marketing, Media, Operations and Outdoor and Summer Music Festival Presenters.
A discussion group mechanism that permits you to subscribe and receive and participate in discussions via e-mail. (4/99)
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Syn: listserver.
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a service available only to CDA members
a bulletin board that is limited to certain individuals and a specific topic
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an excellent way to keep in touch with like minded people
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See listserv. Used interchangeably with listserv.
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a communication network