Definitions for "Bulletin"
the traditional and largest standardized outdoor advertising format available; measures 14' high x 48' wide. Copy is done by hand-painting directly on the surface, vinyl lettering, computer techniques, or printing on paper. Two types of bulletins: see permanent bulletin and rotary bulletin.
Outdoor advertising method in which the client's message is either painted directly on a large steel or plywood board or preprinted and then posted. Common bulletin sizes are 10'6" x 36' and 14'x 48'. Also known as a billboard.
A standardized outdoor format commonly measuring 14' x 48' in overall size. Sold either as permanent displays or in rotary packages. Bulletin copy can be rendered using hand painting techniques, computer production or printing on paper.
A brief statement of facts respecting some passing event, as military operations or the health of some distinguished personage, issued by authority for the information of the public.
Any public notice or announcement, especially of news recently received.
A periodical publication, especially one containing the proceeding of a society.
an invaluable resource for professional SF/F writers, and fascinating reading for SF/F fans who want to know more about how their favorite books or stories were written
an invaluable source for information on items in the museum's collection
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A special message posted on a BBS, usually written by the SysOp.
an outgoing message separate from a Menu
Text which the Sysop has made available to users. Bulletins may be informational or educational, give high game scores, or whatever the Sysop deems appropriate.
a legal newspaper
The Bulletin was the name of a prestigious newspaper in circulation in the 1930s and 40s. Ace reporter Scoop Scanlon and his trusty sidekick, Rusty covered many headline stories for the Bulletin.
A publication coordinated by Office of Admissions and Records that includes a list of courses and sections for a specific semester/term, information about registration, the final examination schedule, and the academic calendar.
Similar to a course catalog. Describes classes in detail and provides an overview of the university's mission, regulations, costs and academic requirements. Different from a class schedule, which lists all classes offered during the specified semester, along with days and times the classes meet.
A booklet published by the college that includes information about curricula, courses and other important facts about the college. You will receive a copy of the bulletin at orientation. The bulletin is your contract with the college and is published every other year.
a highly acclaimed bimonthly magazine providing management and technical information to monitor revolutionary changes in the graphic communications industry
a magazine-format guide to ESA activities that often includes features on Earth Observation subjects
A simple application for retrieving information, processing that information with regular expressions and output the result in a graphical user interface.
1. Parish information read only during the homily. 2. Catholic air conditioning. 3. Your receipt for attending mass.
a periodical document that informs Club members and others of news and happenings from within the Club, Region and District that would be of interest
A printed outline or agenda of a devotional or religious service conducted within the worship center of an RMF.
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(see " Argos Bulletin")
an electronic newsletter sent to all SSILA members at approximately monthly intervals
Sent electronically bi weekly or monthly with links to the latest content that has been added to your network. You can opt out of receiving bulletins in the Your account section, 'Change email subscriptions'
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14' x 48' panels found on freeways and arteries.
An intraday broadcast that requires immediate attention by buying or selling, by initiating or changing a protective stop, or by exiting an existing position.
a TD that directs a onetime inspection to determine if a given condition exists and the appropriate action if the condition is found
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a fortnightly electronic news-sheet about EU policies and regulations affecting small businesses
Last-minute important news.
a good practical guide to propagation of woody plants by seed and cuttings using on-farm resources
Reserve Bank of Australia's monthly journal of record containing speeches and articles, media releases and statistical tables.
Specialized reports for specific activity related events.
Specialised reports for specific activity related events.
Document containing proposed changes to a standard that is intended for review and comment.
Provides the title and actions taken on every bill introduced in either house of the General Assembly.
A folder which includes the order of service and a listing of the week's activities.
a survey of a group of image providers on digital licensing and holdings
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an option but it does not have the power you need in your case