Definitions for "PIO"
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(Processor Input / Output) A means of data transfer requiring the use of the CPU.
Programmed (or Polled) Input/Output, IDE data storage device interface
PIO is the original operating mode for most disk drives. PIO uses the CPU to manage the transfer of data from the drive to the memory.
Public Information Office The Public Information Office seeks to optimize citizen access to City government information and services using telephony, fax, print, Intranet and Internet communications; focusing on accuracy, consistency, responsiveness, convenience and efficiency; for the purpose of delivering reliable, first-rate, "high value" services; while maximizing use of customer investment to reduce overall cost of government. - Acronym/Phrase Description
PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER. Officer responsible for relaying information to the media on the scene of an incident.
Public Information Officer. A member of the Command Staff responsible for interfacing with the public and media or with other agencies with incident-related information requirements.
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See physical IO cost.
Physical I/O. A block read which could not be satisfied from the buffer cache, either because the block was not present or because the I/O is a direct I/O which bypasses the buffer cache.
Physical I/O - reading and writing from/to disk. Also see LIO.
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Pilot Induced Oscillation.
Protection of Investors Ordinance
An option installed on an import vehicle at the location where it is imported into the U.S.