Definitions for "FPO"
for position only. A photcopy, photostat, or low-resolution electronic copy of an image or piece of art positioned on the camera-ready page to indicate the position of the actual art to be stripped in by the printer or inserted by the system during prepress processing.
For Position Only. Refers to inexpensive copies of photos or art used on mechanical to indicate placement and scaling, but not intended for reproduction.
An acronym for "For Position Only." Refers to low resolution images used in a mock up or dummy to denote their finished size and cropping.
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Federal Protective Officer
See Field Post Office or Fleet Post Office.
Fingerprint Officer
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Firm Planned Order - an order that cannot be changed by MRP during the replanning process.
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You must buy paint at the field (also see BYOP)
Flexible Payment Options - a product that allows merchants to design flexible payment plans to increase incremental sales.
Fixed Purchase Option. An option contained in the lease agreement allowing the lessee to purchase the equipment at a predetermined price at lease term.