Definitions for "OSS "
Office of Space Science (also known as Code S) at NASA Headquarters, under the direction of Edward Weiler, Associate Adminstrator for Space Science.
The Office of Strategic Services; forerunner of the CIA, 1942-1945.
(A) Governmental/Military acronym for the Office of Strategic Services, an intelligence group founded during the Second World War and the predecessor of the modern "CIA". (B) Governmental acronym for the Office of Space Science (NASA).
Operational support systems. These systems are used by telecommunications companies to provide remote management capabilities, flow through provisioning, and billing.
Operations Support Systems
On-line Service System that helps in users to get fast and effective help from SAP. The user may log-in to OSS system to find a possible solution for a 'bug'. Get the patch ,if any, download and apply to correct the problem. PCC Pre-Configured Client. The R/3 Simplification Group’s pre-configured client.
OSS provides sound card drivers for most popular sound cards under Linux, *BSD, Solaris, UnixWare, OpenServer, AIX, HPUX, LynxOS, VxWorks, and Tru
Open Sound System. The original unified sound processing component of unix and linux systems.
Over seat steering (see ASS)
Overseat steering: Also referred to as ASS ( bove eat teering). The handlebars are located in front of the seat and are designed to extend above the seat.
Optional State Supplementation Funding for ALFs by the state of Florida to underwrite the cost of care for individuals with markedly low income
OPTIONAL STATE SUPPLEMENT. Financial assistance provided through Social Security Administration for people who require assisted living.
Optional State Supplementation. OSS is a cash assistance program administered by the Department of Children and Families. Its purpose is to supplement a person's income to help pay for costs in a special living arrangement. It is not a Medicaid program. This Program has been re-designed to provide the state funds for the federal Medicaid match to create Assistive Care Services.
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To prophesy; to presage.
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OSS was a Buckeye Productions and Associated Tele Vision co-produced wartime television drama series.
One Shot Stop. A supposedly scientific measurement of ammunition effectiveness in terms of "stopping power." For more information, see The Myth of One Shot Stops.
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a peculiar karate term used to enliven spirit
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Open source software (see above)
OSS (Open Source Software) : Programs that are able to be changed by anyone
Open Source Software. Perl is open source and is often mentioned into relationship to the OSS movement
An application that helps monitor, control, analyze and manage problems with a computer to telco network.
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Ontario Secondary Schools, grade 9 to 12
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On Site Service