Definitions for "RMS"
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Root Mean Square. The standard way to measure AC voltage including audio signals. Compared to peak-to-peak measuring.
Root mean square. The square root of the sum of the squares of a set of quantities divided by the total number of quantities. Used when monitoring ac (alternating current) signals. Many power supplies, for example, issue an ac signal. This needs to be converted to a dc (direct current) signal for the PC interface. The solution is a signal conditioning input that produces a dc signal proportional to the rms of the amplitude of the input signal. The rms operation means the reading will always be positive.
Generally, the average continuous power output an amplifier is capable of producing; power output an amplifier can produce consistently over extended lengths of time. RMS power contrasts to peak power, which is used for brief moments in order to recreate sudden, high-energy sounds (transients). RMS power can be produced continuously for the length of time the amplifier is in operation. It is the most important of the two power ratings (RMS versus peak) when researching an amplifier. RMS is technically the value of a particular waveform. When an amplifier has power output of some RMS figure, then that amplifier is able to produce a particular waveform continuously (with that waveform requiring a certain level of power to be reproduced based on its amplitude).
Standard abbreviation for the Rathkamp Matchcover Society. (See Rathkamp Matchcover Society).
Rathkamp Matchcover Society. Founded in 1941, the club takes its members from all over the world, but is a single based organization without member clubs.
the abbreviation for Registrum Magni Sigilli, the Register of the Great Seal (mainly the printed edition), which contains copies of charters and other deeds by the Crown issued under the Great Seal
Retail Management System built on .NET Framework
Robert Moog Rocket Network
Recruitment Management System (part of HRT)
Remote Minehunting System
Reconfigurable Machining System
Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
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Rede Municipalista Solidaria
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oot ean quare.
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Royal Mail Ship KAR
Royal Mail Steamer
Refugee and Migrant Service. Aotearoa NGO.
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Rolloff slope
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See " Stallman"
Repetitive Motion Syndrome, another term for RSI.
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Random Moment Sampling
Making up a personal playback programme from a CD
The mechanical resistance of a speaker's suspension losses.
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see Railway Mail Service.
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The driver's mechanical losses
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Reference Member State