Definitions for "DMS"
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Dimethyl Sulphide, (CH3)2S
Data Memory Subsystem The Data Memory Subsystem or tape recorder is a reel-to-reel four-track digital data storage unit capable of storing approximately 9 x 10?8 bits of data (a little more than a typical single density 3.5 in floppy disk). Only about 80% of the storage space is currently used for storage due to measures taken to protect the DMS from further damage after the Oct. '95 DMS anomaly. Data can be stored at one of five data rates: 806.4, 403.2, 115.2, 28.8 or 7.68 kilobits per second.
Disk Masher System file format. An Amiga-specific compression system for storing floppy disks as one file which can then be transfered via bulletin boards or the Internet for decompression by the reciever. No longer widely used.
Document Management System. Also, Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), a system for managing electronic and paper-based documents. More advanced systems allow customization of meta data, linking of documents and in the future using semantic web technologies to make information more accessible. Includes searches and versioning of documents. Should be integrateable with all other business systems to support building and integrated e-business environment. E-Business A fusion of business processes, enterprise applications, and organizational structure creating a high-performance business model. Enables efficient and customer focused e-commerce.
Documents Management Section
Diploma in Management Studies
Destroyer-minesweeper RYGOODS Code name for assembly of supplies at Guadalcanal-Tulagi area for offensive in New Georgia, February 1943
Definitive Map and Statement - A map and description of all the Footpath, Bridleway, RUPP and BOAT highways that a Highway Authority is responcible for. The Statement should detail attributes such as the width of the highway.
Acronym for Dynamic Message Sign.
Dynamic Message Signs. Located on the roadway, these signs are used to convey information about detours and delays.
Ref. Dynamic Multifunctional System
Dense media separation; a process used to separate and concentrate the mineral being recovered from the other constituent minerals of the ore being mined.
Dense Medium Separation, a way of separating diamonds or heavy minerals from waste material using a flotation process.
Director of Medical Services
Defence Medical Services - Military medical staff
Digital Media Services was the department in charge of the software library and university webserver (Aurora) with the re-organization in the summer of 2002 those duties were taken up by other and new departments.
Degree (2-digit) Minutes (2-digit) Seconds (2-digit), used for Latitude and Longitude.
Degress Minutes and Seconds
Driving Motor Second Top of Glossary
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Compressed Archive
Direct Molded Sole. View Example.
direct mail sold. Those consumers who have historically responded to an offer received by direct mail.