Definitions for "DDS"
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See Digital Data Storage.
Digital Data Storage. This is the physical recording format adopted as an industry standard for DAT drives. See Digital Audio Tape (DAT).
Data Distribution System.
Director of Dental Services
dentist of Dental Surgery; equivalent to DMD.
Dental Diet System
Abbreviation for irect igital ynthesis.
Stands for irect igital ignal.
Document Delivery Services, such as Library Free Photocopy, Avanti.
Document Delivery Service (and ILL in the Biomedical Library).
Dewey Decimal System. The numbering system used by libraries to categorize book content by specific categories and sub-categories.
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Denys-Drash syndrome. A rare disorder that causes kidney failure before age 3, abnormal development of the sexual organs, and, in most cases, Wilms¿ tumor (a type of kidney cancer). Children with Denys-Drash syndrome are also at high risk of some other types of cancer.
Deep Drawing Steel. Sheet of this designation should be used when Drawing Steel will not provide a sufficient degree of ductility for fabrication of parts having stringent drawing requirements, or applications that require the sheet be free from aging. This quality is made by special steelmaking and finishing practices.
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Dust Detector Subsystem
debit card: A financial instrument used by consumers in place of cash. Unlike a credit card, debit card purchases are deducted automatically from the cardholder's account, like a check. Visa and MasterCard now offer debit cards through banks and other financial institutions.
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decoder decryption
Professionals & Disability Advocates Area Medical Community Area Resources
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See Device driver server.