Definitions for "Tmd"
Temporomandibular dysfunction.
Please see Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.
Tempromandibular disorders. A new term for TMJ dysfuction used by the dental community.
Theater Missile Defence
Theatre Missile Defence. Defensive technology, developed after the termination of the SDI project, designed to deal with the spread of missiles and other weapons of mass destruction. While SDI was intended to be used against long range strategic missiles, TMDs are designed to intercept short-range tactical missiles.
Theater Missile Defense
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Traction Maintenance Depot
Traction Motive Depot. A modern version of the MPD which stores and services electric and diesel locomotives.
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Tmd is a wrapper around Cmd.exe and Windows PowerShell. Directories can be navigated via a folder view as in Windows Explorer. A batch editor allows easy editing of batch files.
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Transmembrane domain.
(Total Measured Depth) - When a well is directionally drilled.