Definitions for "Compressed"
Flattened lengthwise.
Compressed files are electronically "squeezed" so they take up less memory or space on your disk. This makes them quicker to send over the internet.
Shell cross-section which is squeezed laterally, so it is taller than it is wide.
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The file size is smaller in that it takes up less memory than lets say .tiff images.
The -compressed option forces Wusage to produce compressed reports. See the Optimization section of the manual for more information. The -d option MUST be preceded by the -c option and a configuration file name, or the -a option and an account name. When the -d option is present, Wusage removes all existing reports and work-in-progress information, except for the DNS cache. This option must follow, not precede, the -c or -a option and its argument.
Computer files can be compressed so they take up less memory. This makes them faster to send over the Internet. There are many different file compression file formats including GIF and JPEG.
Natural Gas (CNG) Mixtures of hydrocarbon gases and vapors, consisting principally of methane in gaseous form that has been compressed.
Natural Gas used in vehicles and in other applications not related to a pipeline.
Pressed together; compacted; reduced in volume by pressure.
To reduce the volume of, by or as if by pressure.
pressed tightly together; "with lips compressed"
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One of three layouts for the Holiday Data.
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A narrower range than prior periods.
A sound, recorded track, or mix where the dynamics are restricted or narrowed.