Definitions for "Tiff"
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(Tagged Image File Format): A popular graphics file format, most often seen as a file extension (on PCs, tif).
a file format for color image data, which enables "loss-less compression"
A bitmap graphics file format. It was developed by Aldus in 1986 to provide a common format for scanners, and is mainly used for that purpose, desktop...
A fit of anger or peevishness; a slight altercation or contention. See Tift.
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Calcite or Barite
Keywords:  quarrel, petty, points
a quarrel about petty points
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tilde title bar
Keywords:  pet
To be in a pet.
Tiff, known in the Japanese version as , is a fictional character in the Kirby anime series.
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Liquor; especially, a small draught of liquor.
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Argument. RB: 1
The Investment Fund for Foundations is a non-profit cooperative founded in 1991 by a network of foundations that wanted to improve their investment returns by having available a series of multi-manager investment vehicles and the resources that would enhance the fiduciaries knowledge of investing.
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To deck out; to dress.
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Author: Microsoft® Computer See .tif.