Definitions for "Exif"
Keywords:  jpeg, tiff, shutter, metadata, aperture
Exchangeable Image File, this is a standard for storing information about a photograph such as date and time the photograph was taken or the brand of camera, this information is stored inside a JPEG file.
EXIF (Exchangeable Image File format) refers to the embedded camera and exposure information that a digital camera puts in the header of the JPG files it creates. Many graphic programs (Photoshop, ThumbsPlus, Qimage Pro, CameraAid) can read and display this information.
Exchangeable image format. A standard for image files created with digital cameras and other input devices. Exif files can contain either uncompressed TIFF or compressed JPEG images and can hold data about the camera and settings employed. Using special programs, the information saved can be shown. Exif 2.2 saves even more information, such as the shooting mode, white balance and flash settings used. Compatible printers can then intelligently apply this data to produce optimal printed results.