Definitions for "TARGA"
Keywords:  truevision, tga, raster, inc, adpro
A file format specified by TrueVision for saving digital images.
A file format for textures that the Unreal Engine can import.
A family of graphics formats defined by TrueVision, Inc in support of the imaging products of the same name used by MS-DOS and Macintosh computers. Images in this format generally have a suffix of ".tga", and can be read using ADPro and various other Amiga programs.
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A removable-roof body style popularized by Porsche that is similar to a convertible except that it incorporates a fixed, roll-bar-like structure running from side to side behind the front seats.
A roof design for coupes which has a single removable panel. Corvette coupes have been targa designs since the 1984 model.
It refers to a fixed, roll-bar-like structure stretching from one side to the other behind the front seats. However, its removable-roof body style popularized by Porsche is quite similar to a convertible.