Definitions for "Quarrel"
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An arrow for a crossbow; -- so named because it commonly had a square head.
Any small square or quadrangular member
A square of glass, esp. when set diagonally.
A breach of concord, amity, or obligation; a falling out; a difference; a disagreement; an antagonism in opinion, feeling, or conduct; esp., an angry dispute, contest, or strife; a brawl; an altercation; as, he had a quarrel with his father about expenses.
Ground of objection, dislike, difference, or hostility; cause of dispute or contest; occasion of altercation.
To violate concord or agreement; to have a difference; to fall out; to be or become antagonistic.
To find fault; to cavil; as, to quarrel with one's lot.
Early marriage is prophesised for a girl who dreams of arguing with her lover. A man will come off second best in a quarrel with his boss if he dreams of arguing with a woman. Dreaming of quarrelling with neighbours denotes travel on bus. If you quarrel with your family in dreams is denotes that you will be moving.
To find fault; argue.
A glazier's diamond.
A four-sided cutting tool or chisel having a diamond-shaped end.
Diamond-shaped leaded windowpanes.
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Earnest desire or longing.
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To compel by a quarrel; as, to quarrel a man out of his estate or rights.