Definitions for "Crimp"
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To fold or plait in regular undulation in such a way that the material will retain the shape intended; to give a wavy appearance to; as, to crimp the border of a cap; to crimp a ruffle. Cf. Crisp.
To pinch and hold; to seize.
To cause to contract, or to render more crisp, as the flesh of a fish, by gashing it, when living, with a knife; as, to crimp skate, etc.
to entrap into the military or naval service; as, to crimp seamen.
One who decoys or entraps men into the military or naval service.
A keeper of a low lodging house where sailors and emigrants are entrapped and fleeced.
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A game at cards.
In fiber, a nonlinear configuration, such as a sawtooth, zigzag or random curl relative to the fiber axis. Most synthetic fibers, both staple and filament, used in carpets are crimped. Fiber crimp increases bulk and cover and facilitates interlocking of staple fibers in spun yarns. (See " Texturizing.")
Woven yarns bend up and down as they pass over and under one another. Crimped yarns are shortened due to this bending and tend to exhibit more stretch.
In cartridge making, to fold the edge of (a cartridge case) inward so as to close the mouth partly and confine the charge.
The top edge of an incline
On a cartridge case, the constriction at the mouth to retain the charge. Stab crimp is characterised by a succession of indentations around the case engaging the cannelure in the bullet jacket. Rolled crimp is formed by turning the case mouth inward to form a cannelure against the bullet around its entire circumference, thereby retaining the bullet at the proper seating depth. Both types of crimp are used on high pressure cartridges to retain the primer in the pocket.
depressions in wires to hold them in place
Basically a barrel shaped electrical terminal or contact that can be compressed around a wire to form a solderless contact (using a crimping tool, for example).
The physical compression (deformation) of a contact barrel around a conductor to make an electrical and mechanical connection to the conductor.
A very small hold that is less than the width of a finger tip in thickness.
Temporary form fastening consisting of a finger of paper cut through the plies being fastened.
A very small hold - the kind I avoid
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Easily crumbled; friable; brittle.
Weak; inconsistent; contradictory.
a tool, often brass, used to press a three-dimensional design into a molten gather of glass, such as in the making of Milleville Roses
Cropping Cut & Loop
There are a lot of different crimps that put texture into glass. Seen here are specialized dragon-wing crimps, leaf crimps, waffle crimps and straight crimps. Typically, a hot bit is brought right out of the furnace, dropped on the piece, cut off with shears and then crimped right away before the bit cools.
The mechanical process of "punching" two or more places on a shaft tip in order to make it fit more securely into a hosel. Crimping is done in high volume production lines and is only used (in conjunction with an air hammer) for steel shaft applications.
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A coal broker.
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Hair which has been crimped; -- usually in pl.