Definitions for "Knurl"
Keywords:  grip, roughen, indent, crimped, dart
To provide with ridges, to assist the grasp, as in the edge of a flat knob, or coin; to mill.
The roughened pattern on the barbell's surface that makes gripping it easier and more secure.
A patterned or grooved area on the barrel of the dart, for better gripping
A contorted knot in wood; a crossgrained protuberance; a nodule; a boss or projection.
One who, or that which, is crossgrained.
A leather knot made at the end of a leash or aylmeri jess.
Knurl is the noise music project of Alan Bloor, Canadian experimental composer and sculptor. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Bloor has been performing and recording Knurl material since 1994, when his seminal harsh noise releases "Nervescrap" and "Initial Shock" were recorded and released. He has released over twenty albums internationally, and has collaborated with sound sculptors such as Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore, and Aube.
Keywords:  krater, knife, box
Knife-box Krater
Keywords:  periphery, engraved, flat, round, tool
Round lettering tool used in roll marking flat parts and having characters engraved on periphery.
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